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Everything you need to know
about the Jollies

Entertainment, evergreens and performance - THE JOLLY JAZZ ORCHESTRA has over the years, through its versatility and originality, managed to maintain an outstandingrole amongst the bands.

This Düsseldorf band, under the direction of Freddy Schauwecker, combine traditional Dixieland with memories of the glitttering times from the much praised dance and show bands of the pastdecades. They also use parodies of Rock'n Roll oldies as well as some of the favourite evergreens from the Swing era. 






In the beergarden:
Sunday morning - it is Summer and Freddy in action


The 25 year anniversary of the band was celebrated in New Orleans. The musicians played in, amongst other places, the Bourbon Street. Local TV stations did live recordings and interviewed various members of the band.


After the street parade on Bourbon Street,
New Orleans, Lousiana

uerige_Pause_kl04 Saxophone0205

With the boys from Old Germany live on stage on 733 Bourbon Str., New Orleans, Louisiana: Wendell Brunious from the Preservation Hall Jazzband

As the only German band representing the 'traditional style', the Jollies were also at an international Jazz festival in Brussels. In front of an enthusiastic audience of 7000, and numerous media, they captivated the Saturday night finale and turned, in the space of a few minutes, the famous 'Grand  Place' into pandemonium.

The band also received invitations to play in Hongkong and Peking, as well as at the international Jazz Festival in Cala d'Or, Majorca, where they were the only German band, together with bands from England, Holland, Belgium and Russia.

At an engagement in Lanzarote the group appeared on local radio and in local news reports. They were described on TV as 'VSO workers for Jazz' in the Canary Islands.

Further engagements in these areas were organised, and invitations were received to appear at functions in Belgium and Portugal, as well as for the year 2000 in Spain and the USA.

This enthusiastic entertainers played in many European Countries and has got as only German band envitations to participate on music festivals on the Azores Islands.

Special Services

Five “Jolly’s with songs and outfit from Bavaria.

Since years: 5 or 7 nice guys playing on Christmas markets and St. Claus events.

Happy Hour on a stand at an exhibition in Frankfurt/Main

can be heard on numerous MCs and CDs, some of which are obtainable in record stores.

„Salty Dog“, Single, 1975 (aku 2131)
„ Lous Dassen und Marek Mann“, LP/CD, 1986 (MMD 1086)
„...Happy Birthday, liebe Jollies“, LP/CD, 1989 (STER 215)
„25...und kein bißchen leise“, CD, 1993, da-music, 49356 Diepholz, Best.-Nr. DJ 8613-2
„Die Welt lacht und tanzt...“, CD, 1994, Düssel-Ton, Düsseldorf,
Best.-Nr. DT / 1001
„Die Düsseldorfer Lieder“, CD, 1995, Düssel-Ton, Düsseldorf,
Best.-Nr. DT-1014
„A Tribute to New Orleans“, CD, 1995, da-music, 49356 Diepholz,
Best.-Nr. DJ 878617-2
„Jazz im Knast-Ulmenstreet”, CD, 1997, Kraut City, Düsseldorf,
Best.-Nr. CD 553340-1
„All the Best”, CD, 1999, THS-Studio, Düsseldorf,
Best.-Nr. THS 99.01-1
„Unglaublich”, CD, 2001, Trust Musik, Hamm,
Best.-Nr. CD-TM-01801
„...einmalig”, VHS-Video und CD, 2003, KIREC, Wesseling,
Best.-Nr. KIREC 023
„...überall”, CD, 2005, KIREC, Wesseling,
Best.-Nr. KIREC 027
”...LIVE ON AIR”, CD, 2007, Jolly-Produktion,
Best.-Nr. Jolly 012


Freddy+Chris 1_300
Chris Barber and Freddy Schauwecker inter alia about the
jazz feeling that mediated the jazz veterans from New Orleans.

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